K A T E   M I L N E R
Your Career Direct Consultant
Welcome to Kate Milner Consulting
Offering training and direction for those seeking ​greater fulfillment in their work and lives 
Who can benefit from a consultation with Kate?

A personal consultation is just the thing to help you
•  Understand your God-given design
•  Explore college majors, vocational technical options, or non-traditional career paths
•  Grow an understanding of meaningful work beyond faulty cultural norms
•  Find more than a career . . . find your calling!

For individual clients
•  Career Direct assessment
•  Career Direct consultation
•  Follow-up consultations & resources
For educational groups and churches
•  powerful, sound career training through workshops
•  conferences to present a Biblical understanding of work & career planning
Meet Kate
Meet Kate
Kate is passionate about helping you discover your God-given design and move with purpose. Whether you are a student exploring college options or in the workforce hoping for greater fulfillment, Kate will put her training and experience to work, helping you develop a sound process for career decision making.